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Rosie and her family would like to take the time to say "Hello" and introduce themselves as the new owners of Fantail's Nest NZ. They have been followers of this product from the very start, having known Founder Michelle over the years and were inspired in their own endeavours, seeing Michelle and her incredible work as a role model. They are excited to continue this incredibly special brand and continue telling and adding to the Fantail's Nest Story.

Most New Zealand parents enjoy getting about with their little one in the pram. Especially on cooler days when it feels great to get out in the crisp, fresh air! But do you find yourself constantly picking your child’s blankets up off the ground when they inevitably kick them off? Lost a shoe or socks?

Enter the Powell Family – a rural kiwi family – who have had these problems on a day to day basis with their eldest son Joshua before they discovered Fantail's Nest.

“When we became parents, we would take Joshua to all sorts of places, walks on the lifestyle block, speedway, and the all important coffee trips in town, we quickly learned that he loved to untuck and kick off his pram blanket or "Snuggy" and it would get caught in the wheel."

​ Having known Founder Michelle for a long time, Rosie was inspired and in awe of her rural entrepreneurial prowess and ethic

When they had heard that the business was up for sale, Rosie leapt into action. She had always said, "if i were to have any business of my own, I would love for it to be something along the lines of Fantail's Nest."

The journey to purchase was not an easy one, being heavily pregnant with 2nd son Phillip, Rosie approached her trusted financial adviser who was so supportive and encouraging, he had approached banks left right and centre, due to a combination of lending restrictions being tighter, and being pregnant, the answer was a firm "NO" from the banks. This wasn't over, Nick then suggested he put his beloved boat up for sale so they could purchase it outright. 30 minutes after listing the boat, it was sold and the adventure of owning Fantails Nest began.

When not being a hard-working mum of 2 boys, this rural-based entrepreneur is busy in her work room, collaborating with her seamstress mum, sewing pram nests, children’s clothing and more while Nick distracts the boys with ducks, cars, boat talk or taking them to the Speedway.

Determination to carve a career out of something she loved doing, but that also worked in with her children and supported her family was the huge drive. Now we are a family owned and family operated Nest, from picking fabrics to manufacture to photography, it brings a whole new meaning to "From our family to yours"

Rosie has always loved a creative and challenging outlet, It keeps her going, even when two energetic young boys will be creating chaos around the house and workroom! Running a small, rural business has its challenges, but Rosie and her family are up for all of it!

"I've dabbled in sewing for the past 17 years, I love inventing and making things happen, so I started off with my own Facebook page for another business.

I had designed and made maternity support pillows for sale and that fabulous journey has led us to now, continuing on where Michelle had left off, with a very special and incredible brand with the most amazing products made by myself and my family." ​

Look out for more exciting additions Rosie is planning on introducing to the Fantail’s Nest NZ range!


This snuggly pram sack was made with NZ weather conditions and family lifestyles in mind. The pram sack features beautiful, often limited edition prints, that are sourced from artists around the world, and is very practical.

The 2n1 Pram Nest will keep your 3-month- to 3-year-old safe and warm during those outdoor adventures. It is made from all natural fibres, using New Zealand-made wool and cotton. Visit our How it Works page and Our Components to get down to the nitty gritty of exactly how the Fantail's Nest NZ Pram Nest works, and what it’s comprised from. ​

A Pram Nest is like a sleeping bag for your pram, that zips up and allows easy access in and out. Machine washable and versatile, the Pram Nest also converts into a sleep sack or snuggle sack for your older child in the home once it's too small for them in the pram.