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Pram Nest


Pram Nest (Sleep Sack)


Super easy to use

Rated 5/5 by our customers

"Beautiful product!
Perfectly made! Not only is it gorgeous but it is functional too. It snowed this morning and my little dude was snug as in his nest ❤️"

Top features that set our Pram Nests apart

1. Fully Adjustable

Our Pram Nests have been specifically designed so your child can keep using it as they get older. No need to worry about your "mini me" growing out of it too fast, as each Pram Nest is fully adjustable to grow with your child.


"We love our pram sack, super cozy on a winter morning ❤️ beautifully made, can see it lasting for years."

2. Quality Materials

We have taken the time to consider not just how these Pram Nests function, but how they feel on your childs skin. Using natural fibres, including New Zeraland Merino Wool, the Pram Nest is breathable, and comfortable at the same time.


"You obviously really genuinely care about the young ones and their safety by using amazing breathable fabrics. I’ll definitely be coming back again ❤️"

3. Incredibly Durable

All Pram Nests have a 100% waterproof base. This is perfect for outdoor use during the winter months, or when it has been extended to its full length and you come across any puddles. No need to worry about water getting through. The waterproof base keeps those little feet dry and warm.


"Our little girl’s pram sack is well loved and used daily. We’ve enjoyed many family walks and I’ve been at ease knowing she is warm and snug."

Summer Mode

Our unique 2 in 1 design means that on cold days it is a cozy pram sack, and on hot days it can be a pram liner to keep your little one cool in the sun.

Universal Fit

We have taken the time to make sure that your Pram Nest is guaranteed to fit your pram, buggy, or stroller.

Built to Last

Designed to fit a child from 3 month up to 3 years old. Once your child no longer needs to be in a stroller, your Pram Nest can be used as a comforting sleeping bag.

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Rated 5/5 by our customers

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"Highly recommended 🙌🏻 Use ours all the time!" - Kayla C. NZ




Product Information

Pram Nests are our signature product.
Sleeping bags, sleep sacks, pram liners.
Whatever you want to call them, our Pram Nests have been uniquely designed and hand-crafted to give your child supreme levels of comfort.
Made with New Zealand wool, these baby sleeping bags are made to be non-scratchy and purposefully made with young children’s sensitive skin in mind.
Guaranteed to fit all prams, these sleep sacks allow you to take your child out and about, in any conditions, with the peace of mind that they are comfortable, as the material used means your child will be warm in winter and cool in summer.
Our Pram Nests convert into a pram liner for the summertime, creating a cooling barrier between the pram material and your child, ensuring your child is comfortable year-round.

Get it now before it’s gone!

Our Pram Nests are made from 100% wool both outers and lining, with 100% cotton linen for the print panels and 100% cotton wadding.
Also featuring wooden toggles, Waterproof Oxford material for the splashproof panel, sturdy YKK zipper for the front and elasticated loops for the adjustable toggles.
✓ Designed for 3 months to 3 years of age
✓ But with up to five years use! After your child becomes too big to use it in your buggy or stroller, it then becomes a sleeping bag/snuggle sack!
✓ Main components are made of natural fibres: New Zealand made wool, matched to stunning cotton designs and fabrics
✓ Adjust the length of your Pram Nest as they grow
✓ Unique 2 in 1 design: Cold days = a cozy pram sack; Hot days = a pram liner with the safety that your Pram Nest is still there
✓ 100% waterproof base. This is super for when the Pram Nest has been extended to its full length and you encounter wet pavements, or those muddy farm tracks! Keeps those little feet dry and warm.
✓ Tailored curved base
✓ Elastic toggles make it easy to change the length of the Pram Nest as your little adventurer grows
✓ Long and durable YKK central zip
At full length:
463mm wide x 1102mm long

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you find on our website now is pre-made and ready-sewn – when you buy one, it will be shipped out immediately!


If you are after a fabric sensitive Liner, and have contacted us via the online form, then the order will take approx 2 weeks to sew, to ensure its soft, quality and snuggly enough for your little one.

The 2 in 1 Pram Nest is one size. It has been designed for ages 3 months ’til 3 years in the pram, and then it can become a snuggle sack to use in the home, giving you up to 5 years use! The Pram Nest has been specially designed to easily extend as the child grows. However, every child has a different growth rate so it could fall either side of this age range.

For more information on how the 2 in 1 pram sack accommodates the child’s growth, please head to our How It Works page. Here, you will see demos on how the Pram nest easily lengthens to accommodate their growth, plus more information on our practical product.

The Universal Pram Sack has been designed to fit any pram! We are yet to come across a pram where it doesn’t fit, but if it doesn’t fit, simply contact us with a photo and we will fully refund you or design a pram sack especially for your pram! That’s a 100% guarantee (please see our refund policies to get the full refund).


You can find our video demos of how to fit your pram sack, how it works, and how to convert it into a liner on our How It Works page.

The Pram Nest has been sewn with an array of reinforced harness holes in the back panel. This is where you feed the pram’s harness straps from the back of the Pram Nest and through the holes. Then safely harness your child as normal. You can find our demos of how to fit your Pram Nest, how it works, and how to convert it into a liner on our How It Works page.

The Fantail’s Nest NZ 2 in 1 Pram Nests are made out of completely natural fibres. We use NZ made wool and cotton as our main components – but you can check out Our Components page for a full list of everything our Pram Nests are made up of.


Upon receiving your Pram Nest there will be easy-to-follow instructions on how to flip your Pram Nest into a Pram Liner!


You can also find our demos of how to fit your pram sack, how it works, and how to convert it into a liner on our How It Works page.

At Fantail’s Nest NZ we take pride in showcasing NZ-made wool within our products. Yet we totally understand that some of us have sensitive skin to wool. That’s ok, because we have it sorted with the option to change the Pram Nest inner from wool to our ‘charcoal polyester/viscose’ inner. The wool is on the exterior of the Pram Nest and doesn’t touch the child’s skin.

For our children’s Hi-Low Vests, they are lined with cotton/linen and the exterior is wool. This keeps the inside soft against their skin, but still having the warmth from the exterior wool. Perfect to keep them warm on their big adventures!

If you do have any questions, please contact me and I am more than happy to custom design your item to suit your little adventurer. Please contact me by sending me a message from our website or emailing me at [email protected] and I look forward to helping you.

Our wool products are ethically-sourced from NZ sheep, however we are able to custom make a Pram Nest for you that is not wool-based. Please get in touch with Michelle to discuss your options on this.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Rosalie Taylor

Absolutely love the product Rosie made our little boy! Great craftsmanship, easy communication and great price. I couldn’t recommend Fantails Nest higher. Rosie obviously really genuinely cares about the young ones and their safety by using amazing breathable fabrics. I’ll definitely be coming back again ❤️

Loren Gallop

great design, warm and cosy. durable and cost effective. you will stand out from the rest with these great designs.


So excited to get our pram sack yesterday, it’s perfect for our evening dog walks! So nice to not have to keep stopping to put blankets back on!

Megan Sutherland

We love our pram nest to keep my little boy cosy and warm on walks during winter


Just received my new Universal 2-N-1 Pram Sack that was gifted by my lovely friend Cliff from COLAB Cafe by The Dosa Project.. Absolutely love it, baby will be very warm and safe when we are out n about in the pram. Such a great idea.
Thanks heaps Michelle 😊

We could make our Pram Nests cheaper

Like the ones you see at Walmart, Costco, or Kmart...

We would have to start making them with sub-standard materials like cheap plastics and nylons. We'd have to import them in from China, instead of making them here in New Zealand, with premium (and natural) New Zealand materials.
And we'd also have to cancel our free shipping policy.

The thing is, we know just how frustrating it is to buy something online, only to have it delivered and realise it doesn't meet your expectations, so we wouldn't dare do any of that.